Delivers the Ideal Web-based Package for Annual Wellness Visits:

  • Minimize In-Office Staff Time With 15 Minute Encounter
  • Maximize Reimbursement Opportunities
  • Combine AWV With PE or Other Encounter on Same Day
  • Generate over $200 Per AWV for AWV and Annual Screens
  • Schedule Future Benefits and Tests Normally Yielding Additional $100

Web Based Electronic Capture With EMR Interface Is The Solution.

Q & A - Top Five Questions About How To Use

Q.  How does a patient complete their Health Risk Assessment (HRA) before their AWV?

A. Patients are directed to and are told to sign in with your Provider code and complete the HRA questionnaire. Your Practice will then be notified there is a completed HRA and you will complete the AWV via our website.

Q. What if the patient does not know how to use or have a computer, is blind or otherwise handicapped?

A. A staff member or other telephonic representative of the Practice can call the patient and fill in the HRA by asking questions over the phone. Two phone interviews a day could yield over $100,000 per year by conducting 10 such phone interviews per week. A dedicated staff member could even conduct all ten interviews on one specified day if you choose.

Q. Do I have to have an EMR to use

A. No. The online form at is accessible from any Internet-connected office computer and can be completed by your staff and you before being printed out for your paper files. Plus, the PPPS is printable for the patient to take with them as required by CMS. Also, will maintain a permanent record of all your patients who use our website to complete their AWV.

Q. Can any staff member gather the AWV HRA information?

A. Yes. Any staff member can gather the patient history, then the authorized Provider reviews and completes the AWV by making appropriate medical decisions in usually 5-10 minutes.

Q. Can a patient view their completed AWV and Personal Prevention Plan of scheduled benefits and referrals after it is completed?

A. Yes. The completed plan will be stored under the patient’s protected access code on for them to view at any time during the year, and then as it is updated annually on subsequent visits per CMS code G0439. Revenue Potential

An average Annual Wellness Visit that includes CMS Codes G0438, G0442 & G0444 yields $200.00 in reimbursements.

For every 1,000 Medicare patients you treat can help you add $200,000.00 to your annual gross revenue.
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