About Us

BeneMedical, LLC creates digital solutions to assist doctors and patients in the quest for healthy lives and profitable medical practices.

We believe that informed patients and primary care practitioners are at the center of good healthcare. We work to facilitate the exchange of valuable information between doctors and patients. The same digitization that allows an elementary school student in Omaha, Nebraska to access the artwork of a museum in Paris, France should also serve to allow physicians and patients to access vital healthcare information anytime or anywhere it is needed.

AWVSolution.com is designed to increase the access of patients and providers to the valuable Annual Wellness Visit as provided by the United States Government’s Department of Health and Human Services Medicare program.

Medicare reported that in 2013 less than 6% of eligible Medicare recipients received their free wellness visits. AWVSolution.com was created to ensure that it is easier for patients and physicians to take advantage of this important preventive benefit.

Chris Posey, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Posey, a Laurel, Mississippi native, operated Chris Posey Chevrolet-Nissan for eight years. Before moving, he worked in healthcare as in-house counsel for Per-Se Technologies, a publicly traded healthcare company in Atlanta. Per-Se Technologies provided practice management, accounts receivable and billing services, medical and pharmacy claims processing, and software solutions for various provider types. His healthcare experience also includes providing compliance and operational advice for healthcare regulatory group, PricewaterhouseCooper. Posey holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Mississippi and a B.A. from Georgetown University.

Rambod Rouhbakhsh, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rambod Rouhbakhsh has advised the Company since August. 2013 and joined BeneMedical as Chief Medical Officer in February 2015. Dr. Rouhbakhsh is a Board-Certified Family Physician with broad expertise in family medicine, sports medicine, occupational medicine, and healthcare business administration. He is actively licensed in four states: Washington, Oregon, California, and Mississippi; and he was named Portland’s Top Doctor by Portland Monthly Magazine in January 2013. In addition, Dr. Rouhbakhsh holds an MBA from George Washington University and has successfully led multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.

Kirt Scott, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Scott began working with BeneMedical as a consultant in November 2013. He joined the Company in February 2014. This is his fourth technology-based start-up venture. Having served as Chief Technology Officer for emere, Inc., Additech and FuelQuest. Mr. Scott has a Master’s of Science in Astrophysics and began his working life at NASA for nine years and then Xerox for three years.

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